We're not the higher end of the curve.

She whispered so that only she could hear.


hey y’all

i know i’ve been gone for a couple months (more than that, probably), but it turns out i just don’t really have that much devoted to this tumblr anymore. for one thing, i don’t have time to look through as many pictures and fawn over all the lovely art i get on this dash. so i’ve personalized my approach to tumblr. you’re still bound to find the occasional picture of something lovely, but mostly it’s just more of my personal interests. admittedly it’s not as aesthetically appealing but it’s more me. 

so if you’d like, follow my new (not really) tumblr!
i’m also on twitter if that’s up your alley. 

it was nice having all of you as my lovely followers 
sorry for the delay on the very long hiatus! 
feel free to leave me asks on this tumblr if you’d like. i’ll probably be checking it very minimally though.

hope you’re all doing well


(par luke++)
(par sanna paajanen)
Old street in Riga, Lativa (par Oly ;))
D.M. (par mutabor_mutabor)
(par emma.c)
(par sarah longworth)
(par Kasia Bobula)
(par Laura Leal)